All About the Panthers!

The Panthers were founded in 2005 as Suffolk County’s only Semi-Professional Football team.  In our inaugural season we played in the Patti Labelle Community Football League (LCFL).  Since then there have been administrative and ownership changes and the decision was made to join the United Football League (UFL), a larger and longer standing league.  After three seasons with the UFL, it was time to move on and up to the Regional American Football League (RAFL). Within two seasons, it was time for the Panthers to make a really big move and they became one of the founding teams of the Five Star Football League (FSFL). It is now our second season with the FSFL.

Our Mission!

The primary goal of The Long Island Panthers is quite simple, to give players a chance to chase their dreams of playing football at a higher level. Since the inception of the Long Island Panthers we have had several players move up to Arena Leagues.

Further, it is also very important for us to make a difference to the community, and those less fortunate. By holding various charity events and fund-raisers, as well as helping several charitable organizations we have been helping the less fortunate of Long Island.

Harvest Bowl Round 2
LI Panthers Vs. Metro Mallers
Date: 11/11/2017
Time: 7:00PM
Location: Home Turf


LI Panthers 24
NY Rebels 16
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East End